Category: Experiences

We would like to share stories that arise in art therapy. Experiences that are gained, snapshots so to speak. Here we let the work speak and show what a piece of work can do to someone and also vice versa: what someone can do with a piece of work. It literally gives a picture of what art therapy can mean. The experiences are all anonymous and in no way traceable to the person who made the work.


I feel good here

“I wanted round shapes, arcs and there had to be a frame. In the middle – that’s how I feel here right now. I feel good, hence the cheerful colours. But beyond that, that’s… Lees meer.


Downward spiral

With a framed assignment, a processing of how she feels presently arises spontaneously… “Life is now spiralling downward, and the red lines are blood…The lines in the background are what I would like: stability… Lees meer.



“I noticed that I didn’t want round shapes, but the structure of straight lines. Clarity, direction, frames. And cheerful colours, they make me happy.” When your life is turned upside down, and you have… Lees meer.


What am I actually feeling?

“My head is so full…” Sometimes your head is full of everything you want, what you need and what is happening around you. When all kinds of feelings go through you and you no… Lees meer.


Movement and feelings

Exploring together: What feeling do I get with a certain movement? And which movement suits a certain feeling? Feeling can be influenced by moving. Do you feel depressed? Literally get moving – after that… Lees meer.


“Aargh, I didn’t want that!” When you work with a new material for the first time, you can discover step by step how it reacts.Ecoline initially seems elusive: it stains, and you can barely… Lees meer.