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In our blogs we keep track of what we are currently doing. You can read what we are working on, what we are thinking about, what we encounter and what solutions have been found for issues or about projects that we are working on. The blogs disappear over time in a digital archive.


I feel good here

“I wanted round shapes, arcs and there had to be a frame. In the middle – that’s how I feel here right now. I feel good, hence the cheerful colours. But beyond that, that’s… Lees meer.


Wrong Bible text… part 1

huh? Thats a strange title. That’s right because not one Bible text is wrong. But…. as long as you read it in the right context… and not just take one text out of context… Lees meer.


Greetings from Cambodia!

Yesterday we visited Aline in Cambodia / Veenendaal! She works in Cambodia with children in the slums of Phnom Penh, among other target groups. And since she is in NL is for leave, and… Lees meer.


I’m safe here…

She wants to go home so badly. She misses her husband and son so much…Every time she calls her husband, she tells him she wants to go back. A video is going viral among… Lees meer.


Downward spiral

With a framed assignment, a processing of how she feels presently arises spontaneously… “Life is now spiralling downward, and the red lines are blood…The lines in the background are what I would like: stability… Lees meer.


Meet & Greet

Today we had the Meet & Greet in our home church in the Netherlands, the BGA! In the service we were allowed to briefly tell about what has happened in the past two and… Lees meer.