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In our blogs we keep track of what we are currently doing. You can read what we are working on, what we are thinking about, what we encounter and what solutions have been found for issues or about projects that we are working on. The blogs disappear over time in a digital archive.


News! About the future?

As you might have read, we get 5 years older every year we do this work, but we also see results that are worth at least another 10 years. And we also said that… Lees meer.


Bicycle rental! Sort of….

As true Dutch people, we, of course, have bicycles. But we also have a special bicycle. God His bicycle. What? How? We have one bicycle that we lend to people who need a bicycle,… Lees meer.

Is missionary work fun?

Periodically, we hear the following when we visit someone / when we see someone who knows that we do missionary work. Oh, how nice of you to do that! I think it would be… Lees meer.


Dating, love and masks….

Several times a month we receive questions about “dating”. Dating is a stage of romantic relationships in which two individuals engage in an activity together, most often with the intention of evaluating each other’s… Lees meer.



Sadly, the guests from the last couple of weeks have gone home again. We had a wonderful time together and, above all, learned a lot from each other. We are now preparing everything on… Lees meer.


One problem solved, ten more added…

Suppose you have fled (as a woman with your children) from your country because there is a war. Your husband and your eldest son had to stay behind there because they had to serve… Lees meer.


Can you help?

The retreats we offer for missionaries who could use some rest (or more…) are going well on this side of the globe, and in the coming period we are fully booked. The bill is… Lees meer.

Why you must study your Bible.

I recently had a conversation with X, who was FULL of questions to which he had no answers himself. And the questions he had weren’t actually that complicated. A porn addiction, sex, faith, and… Lees meer.