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In our blogs we keep track of what we are currently doing. You can read what we are working on, what we are thinking about, what we encounter and what solutions have been found for issues or about projects that we are working on. The blogs disappear over time in a digital archive.


Which masks do you wear?

The therapy session in the open therapy group today is about wearing masks.We all have masks that we put on and take off depending on who we’re dealing with.What do we show and what… Lees meer.



To be able to reflect (look at your thinking, feeling and act, analyze how the three work together, discover what is important to you and come up with alternatives) on yourself, you need to… Lees meer.


On our way back home..

And… we are on our way back home / back to Poland. What a great time we had in the Netherlands, and our van is packed to the roof with everything for our clients… Lees meer.



Today we are sorting through all the items we received for help in Poland. And only then will you see what has arrived! From wool and knitting needles, to pencils, pencils, paper and so… Lees meer.


Pedal To The Metal

And… we’re in the Netherlands! What a HUGE blessing it is to see family and friends. And yes, we’re driving all over the place, plenty of meetings, but the bottom line is… what a… Lees meer.


What do you do when you are 17?

We make Podcast episodes ourselves (about missions), but this time I was a guest in someone else’s Podcast. That was a special experience, I must say. But what was that podcast about? Well… This… Lees meer.


“Home” sweet “home…

Today we were able to visit our home church in the Netherlands. And wow… what a blessing that was. One moment with your “family”, one moment to praise God in your own language… it… Lees meer.


In the dark

Today she finally managed to come to the therapy sessions, so by coincidence…She had already registered for this 6 times, but always could just not make it.We’re talking about the Kübler-Ross model of phases… Lees meer.


Domino Day, but with people…

Last week we had a domino moment… read, and shiver…. How does it work. Just one example: Problem: if you go looking for a job (how you should do that in addition to the… Lees meer.


Terrible dilemmas… every day…

Who are we going to help today? There is a budget (which is always too small), there are only 24 hours in a day… what are we going to do today? Make your choice,… Lees meer.