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In our blogs we keep track of what we are currently doing. You can read what we are working on, what we are thinking about, what we encounter and what solutions have been found for issues or about projects that we are working on. The blogs disappear over time in a digital archive.


Artjournaling – Choose a color

Have you ever thought about art journaling?A sketchbook in which you make a drawing every day. It doesn’t have to be big or long.A moment for yourself, a moment to reflect on the day,… Lees meer.


Until next time, Schwerin!!

One week in Schwerin, 50 conversations, 1 Bible study, 1 Children’s session, 8 Group sessions, 1 Baptismal service, 1 community weekend, way, way more, and many wonderful memories that are certainly worth repeating. We… Lees meer.


Frequently Asked Questions…

As you may know, my (M) memory is not great (to say the least), so I write down countless things in lists. One of those lists is a list of frequently asked questions and… Lees meer.


Weekend Wittendörp and trust..

If you are reading this, we have just visited a “church retreat weekend”. How beautiful it is to see that you have a kind of Family all over the world that you have often… Lees meer.



In the therapy group we reflect on an important moment/an important experience from last month. As always, she draws flowers, something from nature.She says that she is currently taking care of her sick mother.… Lees meer.

Is it a Salvation Issue, or not?

Pretty often we get questions like: Although these questions are good questions, and certainly worth a discussion, there is a point where we draw a line, stop with the discussion or even stop responding.… Lees meer.


The fear of the LORD

Let’s start with the following Bible verse this time, and then we’ll dive into why we’re going to talk about it: The beginning of wisdom is fear of the LORD, and knowledge of the… Lees meer.