Creative Psychosocial Therapy

The Emmy Foundation offers (Certified) Creative Psychosocial Therapy in the Poznan region for children and adults when life is hard. We work together from possibilities and strengths instead of focusing on what is not going well, so that you gain confidence in yourself (again) and can face the challenges you encounter with confidence. You will discover how to use your strengths in the challenges you encounter and learn to apply new strategies.

We achieve this by standing next to you, focusing on what is going well, increasing your self-confidence, deepening your relationships (with God) and teaching you new strategies so that you can stand firm and face challenges in your life with confidence.

Psychosocial therapy is nothing more or less than tackling possible problems that you experience regarding your living environment. This can be within your relationship, family or work situation. You no longer have the overview to solve these problems yourself.

By listening and analyzing, we look together for the cause of the problem, looking at your strengths and weaknesses. We give you tools to get started with your request for help and find a solution that suits you. Together we make a plan of what we are going to do, how we are going to do it, and what we want to achieve.

Creative therapy or art therapy is a method of treatment for people with psychological and/or social problems. By being creative, unconscious feelings and thoughts are expressed in a playful way. By discussing the work done, insight is created and recovery is promoted.
This way of working is suitable for children and adults who have an affinity with being creative, find it difficult to express themselves in words and/or find it difficult to articulate their emotions.

Visual works include drawing with pencils, charcoal, chalk and ink, modelling, painting with different types of paint, wool felting, making collages, crafts or other art forms. We can provide individual, group, relationship or family coaching. The target audience is both children and adults.

“As humans we are vulnerable (impact), but as mature individuals we are responsible for working on the quality of our lives (resilience, what strategies do you use to deal with your problems) provided we are supported by a supportive environment (support).”

The three pillars we will look at together are:

  • Impact: what are the physical and psychological consequences?
  • Coping: how do you deal with it?
  • Support: what role does your social environment play?

The aim of the Emmy Foundation is to help and to encourage you on your life path, and to make Psychosocial Coaching and counseling accessible from a Christian vision of life for people from all layers of society at home and abroad. Where possible and desirable, the relationship with God is involved in the coaching, as this can be an enormous source of strength and peace. However, believing in God is not a condition.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and let us know.