The Emmy Foundation is connected to:

Emmy Foundation Netherlands
Helping and encouraging people on their path of life and making Psychosocial Coaching and counselling accessible from a Christian view of life.

We use creativity on a Christian basis to encourage and support others through art.

Baptist Church Amersfoort
The BGA is our “Sending Church”. Without people around you, it gets really difficult. Prayer is necessary and together with God and your home church you are really stronger.

Bread of Life Ministries Poland
We support them with practical help regarding the projects that are already present in Poland.
Network organization for International Churches in the EU. Emmy manages the website and supports International Churches with the further expansion of the network, and has a guarding function for the Christian Identity thereof.

Missie Nederland
You can see Mission Netherlands as a dance floor around the mission of the church. As a network organization, they offer a platform for partners who invite, challenge and equip the (local) church to get moving for the mission of Jesus. Together, we move the church.

Online Coaching and Counselling
Emmy offers International Christian online Coaching and Counselling through one-on-one contact in a secure chat box environment. For the privacy and security of our clients, we cannot share the link publicly.

InToMission Netherlands
InToMission specializes in independent guidance and coaching of missionaries during the entire deployment process, for example arrange training or support for a home front team or home front committee and are also active as a partner for the debriefing & re-entry for missionaries