Custom-fit Missionary “retreats”.

The Emmy Foundation offers Christian development workers/ missionaries/ pastors a unique, tailor-made retreat in Poznan, Poland. The retreat is suitable for singles and couples.

The retreat is tailor-made according to your needs. In short, there are three ingredients that you can think of:

  1. Dwell on and work on issues that you
    encountered during your mission
  2. Renewing Your Focus on God
  3. A real (!) vacation.

Any combination or choice of these three ingredients is possible.

To help you rest, recover, and regain your focus for the time to come, you need to be able to talk about everything that happened to you in a safe place where you won’t be judged. Everything can be said, everything may be said. Feel free.
In addition, we relieve you of practical matters (housing, food and drinks), so that you can concentrate on the reason for your stay. There are no guest speakers, no lectures, but hospitality, real connection and 1-on-1 contact about the issues you are dealing with.

Are you a Christian development worker / mission worker, with a US or European passport / actively working in the EU, and do you feel addressed by the above? Contact us to discuss the options! Don’t wait…

More info.

For more information why we do this and some more information about the topic of why Missionaries and Pastors leave the field prematurely, please see: