Category: Contemplations

In the conversations we have, the subject of God or the Bible also comes up. But what does that bible say about subject X or Y? In this series, we discuss a few topics that we encounter more often. We don’t beat around the bush and don’t shun the tough topics.


No soup for you!

Every now and then on a Sunday, we go to the soup bus for the homeless. We lend a hand where possible, chat with a homeless person here, a smile there, a small piece… Lees meer.


Trolls and debaters

We also encounter them in our work, trolls, debaters and disputers. What is a troll? A troll is a person who posts messages / starts discussions in an (internet) environment to provoke predictable emotional… Lees meer.


Don’t believe a word I tell you.

So then, that’s a nice opening when you start a conversation with someone: “Don’t believe a word I tell you”… but… then the sentence continues: Don’t believe a word I tell you, examine everything… Lees meer.