Category: Contemplations

In the conversations we have, the subject of God or the Bible also comes up. But what does that bible say about subject X or Y? In this series, we discuss a few topics that we encounter more often. We don’t beat around the bush and don’t shun the tough topics.


Who is this???? Part 1.

Some of our work is also online. We “talk” to people that we cannot really see. And that is quite exciting. Because who are they actually? They can say their name is John, and… Lees meer.


Your legacy…

It is March 14, 2024 as I write this, and it will be sometime after June 12, 2024 before you can read this. The reason is that we have so much good news that… Lees meer.


Choose your battles

A recurring phenomenon among volunteers and also with missionaries is: “the need is great, but there are only 24 hours in one day”. Whether you work as a missionary or from a non-Christian background,… Lees meer.


Are you allowed to cry?

A few times a week we have complicated conversations that often involve tears. Sometimes people say: “sorry, I’m crying”. But is that necessary to apologize about it? Get this, this is Paul: So be… Lees meer.