Read and encourage others… keep reading.

Since M has a memory that does not work that great (a maximum of a week, and then he will soon forget about everything), he looks back at least once a week on what we have done.

One of the recurring themes is and remains… can we not reduce the amount of news a little bit? It remains a huge mountain of letters that the readers (you) have to struggle through.

And every time we look at it… we keep coming back to the point where what we share is already a fraction of a fraction of all those stories. And this isn’t even the top 10… 90% don’t even make it into our news… and that’s such a shame. There are such gems among them, but somewhere you have to make choices.

The world is a strange place, and sometimes we all forget that. Before you know it, another week has passed, and what have you been up to? Did it really matter? And then we see it as positive that we can share a very (!) small piece with all of you. The beautiful, but also the less beautiful stories. From numerous people who often feel very forgotten. And we can also give them a little bit of humanity in this way. They exist, they have stories, they are alive!

We can also see how many times their story has been read online, and sometimes we share that with them.

And yes, we understand that reading all these stories takes your time… but for these people…knowing that somebody reads their story helps immensely. A little encouragement, you are not alone, your story has already been read x times this week… people think of you, they pray for you.

On behalf of the people behind all these stories,
Thank you for reading, for sharing, for all your help, your prayers. They are very happy with it. With every minute that you read their stories, it gives them hope, a little bit more humanity.

Thank you.

So please, keep reading, share their posts, you are helping them a lot with it. For you, a little effort, for them, a big encouragement.

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