There is more than just doing the dishes..

In the past six days we have been able to run three gourmet sessions. Visitors from Ukraine, Poland, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Argentina and, oh yes, the Netherlands. LOL.

After all of that, the mountain of dishes is almost gone, the fridge is empty. Going to get some groceries tomorrow. And what remains are conversations about wars, family you miss, the 5 most important learning points in your life, marriage, how does God view (name a subject), the difference between church and religion, and much, much more.

Sometimes quite tough subjects where you feel the pain. And that pain doesn’t rinse off easily sometimes… often more is needed for that to happen. It certainly won’t calm down on this side, but we know Who we’re working for.

Oh yes, tomorrow we’re planning a trip to (ex) Missionaries from Italy, England, Armenia, Croatia and Russia. Ah, and one more gig with a missionary purpose with Roma on the border of Croatia and Slovenia. And as we always say: only do these kinds of jobs if you are VERY sure you have to do them; otherwise you will go nuts.

In between, we try to plan the necessary rest. Yes, you have to actively plan our rest. Otherwise, we are working 8 days a week and there are only 7 in a week. Anyway, the past few days have been good, wonderful conversations and results, the agendas were already full and after this getting even fuller. We love it.

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