Action painting in the park!

This week we can’t go to the building where we normally do the group therapy sessions. So, let’s go outside!
The weather is beautiful, so why not? And it gives the opportunity to do something different than usual! Bigger and dirtier, lol, that’s what we’re going for!

Cloth, paint and lots of cleaning cloths, we’re going to get our hands dirty!

Everyone starts carefully. A little paint with one finger, but soon they understand that they need to use more paint and dare to use the whole hand.

It’s hard to let go of the result. Most start by planning what to do. And that is precisely NOT the intention. Action painting is about converting what is happening inside into movement. That movement determines what happens on the canvas, not the result.

Look at my hand! So cool!

In life, we are often on the way to a certain result, and we are often more focused on the future than on the here and now.
But what happens when the result is no longer important? When the here and now and the process in the present gets all the attention?

Many feel free during and after painting. They managed to let go and enjoy the process.
And let’s be honest – with your hands in the paint and experimenting with movement and material – isn’t that wonderful?

And here again a parallel can be drawn between what happens during therapy and daily life.
Do we enjoy being on the road? Do we give ourselves the opportunity to try out, to experiment and to discover afterwards what the result is? Or do we stick to the result and focus on that?

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