Putting the dots together

How often do you stop to experience what is happening inside when you are doing something? What are your thoughts? What are your feelings? How do these affect how you act? And how do your actions affect your thinking and feelings?

Today we are going to practice this by working with two very different materials and techniques. The first technique is dot work: stamping dots on black paper with nail heads and paint. The second technique is watercolor on white paper – on dry paper and on wet paper.

I ask them to write down their feelings and thoughts as they work. At the end, that provides some good information.

For example, one of the participants says that she had difficulty starting in the beginning due to uncertainty and the fear that it would not work. By writing this down, she was able to consciously choose to start and give herself the chance to experiment. They changed her thoughts and actions. As a result, she experienced freedom in working and her feelings changed.

The beauty of these kinds of processes during therapy is that they are so recognizable in other aspects of life. And what works in therapy can then also be applied in daily life.
And so the participants of the therapy group take steps.

Another example of our daily work, how something ‘simple’ can work through in someone’s life!

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