What do you show to others?

Today in the therapy group we reflect on what you show about yourself to someone else and what you don’t show.
This is depicted by means of a water surface. What can be seen above the surface of the water is visible to others, what is underwater is not visible.

Several participants in the group say that they show love, a smile (real or not) and happy emotions towards others.
When it comes to what they don’t show, it’s tears, fear, and anger.

This participant says she doesn’t show her broken heart to others.

The participants find recognition from others. They see and hear that others do the same as they do. Do they hear how others deal with difficult subjects. And they realize that they are actually not as alone in their pain as they first thought.

The group is open to each other. And although some don’t know each other at all or only meet occasionally, there is openness and genuineness. The annoying and difficult things are given a place in the group and are shared. And even though they don’t go into details, they realize that they are not the only ones struggling inside and don’t want to burden others with their pain, fear, sadness and anger. And that alone works soothing and healing.

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