Old shoes..

When you look at life as if it were a journey – what footwear are you wearing right now?
Phew, that’s a complicated question…

A takes paper and drapes it over her shoes. The sheets are fastened together with tape, glue and a stapler.

As she works, she thinks about her shoes: they are old, used and dirty, but comfortable. Someone else might have already thrown them away, but I won’t. I’ve been through a lot with these shoes and don’t want to part with them. We’ve been to many places, hence the dents and stains. And there are still new places that we will discover together – those are the white lines.

During the meeting, she lifts the shoe: there is no sole in it. “That’s because I really want to feel where I am right now.”

She very consciously experiences what is happening inside her while working and uses this in her work.
What a beautiful project she makes of it, in which she gives ‘old’ and ‘worn’ new value by looking back at the journey she has traveled and looking forward to the places she still would like to discover.
She’s not ready to say goodbye to these pairs of shoes yet, they still have new places to discover together!

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