If only I could walk on it…

The theme of shoes turns out to be much more appropriate than I thought. Many talk about them wearing shoes they got somewhere and they fit. No money, no home and all clothing and footwear are still in Ukraine, they could not take that with them. So if you need shoes then, grab whatever you can get your hands on.

It is now a year later and they are still walking in those poorly fitting, not beautiful shoes.

S shows it by making simple sandals – well, that’s what I could get, so I wear it. Literaly.

She also makes heel shoes, braided, feminine, beautiful.
That’s what she would like to wear again.

She wants to feel like a woman again, beautiful, loved, trusted and, above all, her own. The loss can be seen on her face. She realizes that this was so common back then. She never thought that would be something she could miss…

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