The uncomfortable but beautiful shoes

If life is a journey – what shoes do you wear? She actually knows right away which shoes she wants to make and gets to work.

“I remember exactly when I bought them. My granddaughter had surgery, my daughter waited in the hospital, and my husband and I went into town. There we passed a shoe store with a 70% discount and I saw these heel shoes. They were so beautiful, and I had to have them. “

“My husband said to me: why do you want it? You can’t even walk properly with your feet in them…, but I replied: one day you will take me out to dinner, and then I will get out of the car and walk to the restaurant in these shoes.”

“That was two days before the war started… The shoes are still in the box in the house. I scolded myself: why did you have to buy such a nonsensical thing? It wasn’t important at all!
But now I remember the feeling I had when I bought them: completely happy and joyful! And I could already see the moment when I would wear them and go out to dinner with my husband.”

“Yesterday I told my husband to send the shoes to me. I want to wear them here in Poland.”

There is a moment of silence and tears come…

“I wish it were like back then…”

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