How do you know when it’s ready?

Thoughtfully, she goes to work with a torn piece of paper. Layer after layer is applied and a landscape of emotions is created. That’s how she called it herself.

She senses what is happening now and therefore reacts with color, place and technique. All kinds of different emotions that she experiences and that go together are processed on the sheet of paper.

“How do you know when it’s done?” she asks.
The moment you don’t want to add more, that it’s good as it is.
She takes a dark gray crayon and adds it to the whole.
And then suddenly it’s done, that was the last thing that could be added.

“It calms me down completely,” she says.
She turns the sheet of paper and sees if she recognizes something in it, a certain shape that resembles something? Still, it doesn’t seem to matter.
It is her mosaic of emotions that she all experiences, and that is precisely what makes this piece of work valuable. A snapshot, an ongoing process of change and movement.

She lets go of the emotions, takes a second sheet and starts a new piece of work in the here and now. A second abstract work is created and is hung in the hallway with other pieces.

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