In prison…

N is in prison in S… Yes, officially he broke the law. But nobody in his country is put in prison for it…. and for his offense officially stands a jail time from about six months to a year in prison, but he is charged 12 years … Huh?! What?! Something’s off… to say the least….. He has now been detained for 5 months, while the trial is still pending…

  • The family has to pay 1000 euros per month for food. And that food usually doesn’t reach N.
  • When family or friends want to send a letter, you have to pay 2.50 per page. That also applies when they would like to get an answer back.
  • Before there is another hearing in the trial, N is locked up isolated, where he is not allowed to sit or lie down, and is tortured for hours… Thus, he loses all his fighting spirit when he has to report to the judge.
  • Family is not allowed to visit him… Last month there was one moment when that was allowed. The visit looked like this: the family stands behind a glass wall while the prisoners walk past on the other side. No conversation, no hug… Just a look into each other’s eyes…and that’s it.
  • In case of illness, the family is expected to send medicines. When they do that, there is a good chance that they will not end up at N, but will “be used” somewhere else…
  • A Bible in the cell is forbidden… With cigarettes, he managed to smuggle in a Bible. His cellmates have told him that they will destroy the Bible. His response: If you touch my Bible, I will get after you…I will protect God’s word.

The Bible turned out to be the only distraction they have from their situation. They read the Bible together in the cell!

This is happening now, in 2022… wow, just wow….

Are you praying with us for N?

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