Taking a homeless person out for dinner….

Today, I was out for dinner with a homeless person…..

Going out for dinner is quite a thing. Now, I don’t know what you guys think, but you only do that when there’s something special. But if you are homeless… how often do you go out for dinner? When do you eat at all?

So, when we come across a homeless person that we have a good chat with, (usually on Sundays when we’re trying to get some conversations at the food bus), we ask them to “go out for dinner with us” on a weekday, thanks to your help.

Can you imagine? Being homeless and then suddenly find yourself eating in a real restaurant? Order what you want, order something to drink with it (no alcohol by the way) and just enjoy.

Being human for a moment… just a little special moment with a good conversation, how you are doing, what happened, and just as simple… a good plate of food and some human attention. We also say that we can do that because friends of ours pay for it for them. Their reactions?

This is the best meal in months

This reminds me of my childhood, we eat this at home, when my parents were still alive.

God really cares for me!

Thank your friends for the meal. Don’t forget to do it! I’m glad they’re also some friends with me now.

A restaurant, wow. When everything was going well with me, I ate there too, but never again these days. I’m happy when I have food at all.

How much does that cost? About 15 Euros per meal, with all the trimmings. If we’re going to pamper them, you might as well do it right. Then we really make it a special moment, for them. Being human for a while, feeling special again in a difficult world….

Would you also like to help put a homeless person in the spotlight once? See: https://www.emmy.foundation/en/funding/ and sponsor one meal (or more)….. Thank you so much, you will make their day.

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