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It’s almost M’s birthday and whoever’s birthday is celebrating it. You get presents and invite your friends to a party. And that’s what we’re going to do this year too, just differently….

On your birthday you get presents, but well .. After almost 53 years you already have enough stuff, so, what do you ask?

Let’s do it differently this year and invite some homeless people from Poznan over for dinner.

Being homeless in Poland is tough. The average homeless person comes out of it in 4 years… or doesn’t survive. And winter is coming. The same homeless person doesn’t have to worry about the gas bill, but about something else, every day: food.

So this year we’re going to celebrate M’s birthday with the homeless people of the city.

We will personally invite some of them for a complete dinner and for a larger number, we will arrange food via the Christianer organisation. They have a soup bus that distributes a meal for the homeless every Sunday. M is sometimes also present there for a chat and a cup of coffee with the homeless. One Sunday meal for about 100 homeless people costs… 150 Euro…

So, do you want to give M something for his birthday, or help a homeless person get a good meal? Then go to https://www.emmy.foundation/en/funding/ and make a donation stating: “Homeless Party 2022“. On behalf of M and especially on behalf of the homeless… thank you so much! Every euro that comes in for this goes directly to this project. I would appreciate it if we could provide meals for several days.

Shall we try to feed them for 5 days? 5×150 = 750 Euro = 750 meals? Come on, join in, little effort, a good meal for the homeless in the city.

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  1. Monika says:

    I love the idea!!! Happy Birthday M!!!

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