Cleaning…. but differently…

If you have paid close attention, you will see that we remove old blogs and old newsletters. They stay there for a maximum of 3 or 4 months, and then they are gone. The names you see are mostly abbreviations, and even those are anonymized.

All that remains online is the general info, the psalm project, the reflections and the general experiences. The rest… go away after a while. For a reason.

Today we have been cleaning. Not because it’s “old” news, but for something else…

The target groups we often work with do not always (or actually quite often) come from a (what we call) safe country. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion… are quite exciting subjects there.

And there you have to be careful what you say, to whom you say what. Otherwise, it will become very “interesting”. Those countries were often “easier” in the past, but things change and so do the rules. So, you should not only be careful what you say today, but also be careful what you may have said in the past… the world is a strange place that has changed a lot. So yes… we also have a cleaning job now and then… not only for ourselves, but especially for others. Today was another day of brushing and scrubbing.

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