The color puzzle

She chooses her favorite colors and begins to make strips of colors that she intertwines. She wants to make a drawing on top of it, but that fails completely, and she starts over. Now on black paper.

The same strips of pink, purple and blue are created and again things don’t go the way she wants…She completely mixes up all the colors, so that only a haze of those colors can be seen.

Are you trying to achieve a specific effect? I ask…
No, she says, I’m trying something. With that, she pushes the paper aside, not quite knowing how to proceed.

She looks at the neighbor who works with strips of paper and thinks she wants to try something similar. She takes a white piece of chalk and is completely surprised by the result!

The experiment continues! After this second successful attempt, she continues with this technique and picks up her four colors.
She creates a marble effect with these colors and chooses a square, cuts it to size and sticks it in the frame of the greeting card.

She is so proud and happy!

I did it myself and so happy with the result!

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