Why do we feel things?

In this therapy session, we focused on the four basic emotions: Fear, angry, sad and happiness. What are those emotions? What are they doing to us?

Fear makes us alert – ready to react when something comes at us.
Anger gives huge adrenaline – ready to fight and defend yourself.
Sadness lets us know that we are missing something or someone and is introverted – we withdraw into ourselves.
Happiness shows us that we have no need, that we are satisfied and satisfied.

What happens when anger, sadness, or fear persists for a long time?
You can get caught up in it…

We’ve talked about how to find distractions, how to get your head on a different level, what strategies they can use to do that.

And then we continued to work with one strategy, namely art journaling with the doodling technique: drawing without thinking. Who hasn’t done that in a boring class before? A little bit of drawing in the margins…

They get to work, and the effect is immediately noticeable: concentration on drawing, silence in the room, only the sound of the pens on paper is audible. Everyone is in their own world, closed off from what has been and the uncertainty of tomorrow, the big questions in their heads that they seem unable to answer, the choices that have to be made… Everything disappears into the background.

And that is the power of art-journalling.
A moment for yourself. Take a break from everything. Get your head out of its circles of thoughts, and work with your hands.

Peace and space are created, which in turn provide a new perspective.
And beautiful drawings are created – something to be proud of, to feel good about 🙂

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