Where do you stand today?

This week in therapy, an explanation of the Kübler-Ross model. Where are you now in that model?

The assignment is to translate that model, in where you are now in your life, into a landscape in which you find yourself. Where are you? What do you see around you?

For many, there is an empty spot in the landscape:
“I don’t know what’s there” /
And there is no way to get there.

A void of unknown territory:
The uncertainty about what will happen in their home country in the near future?
Uncertainty about how long the war will last?
Maybe feelings they don’t want or can’t think about?

It is not the unknown in which they have ended up, because they see a part of it, mountains, forest, water, and they can take the first steps. They know that the road will not be easy, but also that there are several options. That’s where the focus is now.

Perhaps later, when the terrain has become more familiar, they can explore the unknown terrain.

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