Podcast: Pastor’s Kids, AKA PK’s / Missionary’s kids aka MK’s.

A special Podcast with Joseph. He grew up as a Pastor’s Kids, AKA a PK. What were the challenges for him and others as Pastor’s Kids / Missionary’s kids, what are things that need to be talked about, and what can we do (better) to help them? A topic that is not commonly talked about, but that definitely does need more of our attention.

We usually can’t say a lot in public about our “Retreats” for missionaries because what is discussed here stays here and “doesn’t leave the room.” Privacy and security are key.

However, this week we had a unique opportunity to record a Podcast with a “pastor’s son” whom we know as a good friend and was willing to talk about it in a Podcast.

The pastor’s son, or the children of missionaries… something that we regularly encounter in our therapy practice, and that is not good news because it means that too often things did not go as planned…..

One way or another, the children get quite a lot of pressure from the outside and that does something to them…. Something that we ourselves (as church visitors, etc.) may not realize too often, but which has an enormous influence on them… What can we do to help this group of children (better), what are they facing and what are the lessons for us all? An Podcast that also shows you something about one of the topics that we frequently encounter in our “Retreats” for missionaries.

The Podcast is available on Spotify , Anchor.fm , Apple Podcast and Youtube. And the other option… see below for this episode:

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