Reading war between the lines….

Mother is having fun drawing in the workshop. Daughter is walking around. Doesn’t feel like drawing with the group and goes to do some tinkering herself.

The creation is proudly displayed to the ‘teacher’ of the workshop, a beautifully decorated shawl made of paper.

A little later she returns with a dog – she learned that at school. And she will teach me too. She comes to me with two sheets of paper, scissors and markers.

First you have to fold the paper in one corner and then cut the rest off – then you get a square. Then you fold the ears.

The hardest part is the mouth, look that’s how you do it. Step by step she explains what I have to do and shows them.

And then we put our name on the back – the name of the artist.

While tinkering, she is chatting about anything and everything. The dog’s head becomes a hat that we both put on and that falls awkwardly off the head. Then I have to guess which city she comes from in Ukraine… It’s difficult, she finally tells it and says that it’s war now and that Putin is a bad man. “If I saw him, I would… then I would… I would hurt him so much!” Yes, war is stupid. It’s better to eat cake together, that’s much more fun. She agrees and continues to tinker and play.

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