Sermon or smalltalk?

Last weekend we went to another city for a work visit (more news follows) and (of course!) also visit an International church in that city on Sunday. M was asked to share God’s message and share a few things. But what are you going to share if they ask you to do that?

Now there is a beautiful saying in English:

Your Testimony Is Not the Gospel.

And there’s something in it…..

Yes, nice stories about what has happened in your life can sound exciting and beautiful, but if you are not careful… you will soon be telling an exciting story about how it went with you… Or you will quickly get bogged down in “I think” or “I feel”…..

And is that what needs to be told in church? Yes and no. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your testimony of what God has meant to you, nothing wrong with sharing your experience of God’s love, but the missionary message is clear:

And He (Jesus) said unto them, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15

And what good news is that? Your news, your feelings, your opinion, how well you are now after all your possible hardships?

No, it says: the Gospel.

God’s great news that Jesus has come for us…. Died for our sins, rose from the dead so that we have eternal life.

So, that’s what we talked about. Not me, but God. What has He told us in His word? God His stories, not my stories, no matter how fun they may be. So, we hoped and prayed that they could quickly flip through their bible because there were quite a few scriptures in the “sermon”.. 🙂

Oh yes, during the service, we asked the visitors what we were going to talk about. The choice was theirs, on the spot. So, we elaborated on the tough topic: Why isn’t every prayer answered?

A tough topic indeed, but the bottom line is: Gods will be done, He has a plan. And if your prayer does not get answered….

God’s grace is sufficient for you, for your power is made perfect in weakness

2 Corinthians 12:9

And if you get what God’s grace really means…. your suffering and prayers will get a new perspective, although we live in a broken world.

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