Emmy presentation Apeldoorn!

On September 3 there is a chance to get meet with Emmy and with the Reformed church liberated “De Voorhof” in Apeldoorn.

From 2 to 4 Sept. they are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their Church. 25 years! What a blessing that they can celebrate this together.

Building that church and instituting it, 25 years ago, is, of course, easier said than done, but what a blessing it is. In a world where so many people around us no longer know God or think they can manage without Him….

And that’s nice to see, that even in these times, a church is actively trying to reach people with the Gospel. For 25 years and going! And that should be celebrated indeed. A fair is held on Saturdays. On Sundays there is a sing-in. People from the neighborhood are invited to come and have a look. So that they can start a conversation with them about all the good things our God has done for them over all those years.

And… a chance to catch up on our activities in Poland! At the fair on September 3rd from 10 am to 4 pmpm, Henk and Martha will be there to share something of the work we can do here for and with God. A missionary retreat, refugee work with Ukrainians, expat therapy, art therapy and more. Something we can’t do without people standing around us.

Curious about “De Voorhof” or would you like to catch up on what we do in Poland? Come to Apeldoorn!

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