This is what i want…

I was completely guided by what I wanted to do now.

Proud of her own piece of work as a result of the workshop based on Mondriaan’s abstract work, she says: I wanted to draw blue dots, I don’t know why, was looking for the reason, but didn’t understand. I didn’t care. I felt like drawing dots, so that’s what I did.

The next layer with red I wanted that shape, also I don’t know why or what is behind it. I just wanted to make that shape now. And then the green layer and all those colors.

And you know what?! – it has become a vase of flowers! Isn’t it cool? Hadn’t thought of it beforehand!
The blue drops are the water in the vase, the red and green areas is the vase itself, and all those color areas are the flowers! My own Mondrian vase! And it’s great!

Totally proud and happy. Time for themselves.

She later said that she has and takes far too little time for that. She works as a volunteer 6 days a week, she misses her husband terribly, who is still in Ukraine, and she is here with her (teenage) daughter. Her sister lives in the UK, they have a tourist visa to go there, but the papers in Poland are still not done, so she doesn’t know if they will get the opportunity to go there. Her daughter would like to live in an English-speaking country, she has already learned that, and she does not know the Polish language that good. She will go to college in a few years. Would it be better for her daughter to maybe go to the UK? But her husband is still in Ukraine… What should we do?

A question that many refugees struggle with…

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