‘Please don’t pray for total healing’

Today I came across a message online that George Verwer (founder Operation Mobilisation) is ill. Seriously ill.

And now it comes… he does not ask for prayer to get healed…. get this:

Please ask people not to pray for total healing as I really am looking forward to heaven,” he said. “Ask for prayer for grace for the rough journey that daily will be ahead.

God assured me that I’ve done my part and I need to leave the rest with others and Jesus. In many ways, I feel 85 is too long to live when so many of my friends have died but the Lord has that in His hands. It looks like I will be around a while, but the road to the door looks rough. That’s where I would appreciate prayer.

What a testimony and what a confidence in God. Until the very end.

For more, see: https://premierchristian.news/en/news/article/please-don-t-pray-for-total-healing-evangelist-george-verwer-reveals-cancer-diagnosis

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