In the Dutch news! With a message of hope.

RTL news (a liberal, commercial news station) has an online section that deals with the following question: Which music song would you like to hear at your own funeral?

And what do you think when you see a call to participate? Options! Go, go, go! So, you send an email that you can work on it and then…

While walking through a cemetery in Croatia, you are suddenly called for a phone interview of more than half an hour. In the rain. Good atmosphere for such a subject, right? LOL.

Those interviews are always exciting, to be honest. What do you want to say (and what not), how will the interviewer receive it (this time a very good interviewer by the way! Kudos!) and what is left of your conversation once it is on paper?

It wasn’t complicated to answer that question (which song) because the list I want to play at my funeral was already made years ago. Just like the farewell letters, by the way. Those were already written as well….

The letters are now all in the garbage bin (old, outdated), but that list of songs is still there, as well as what I would like: make it a party, chips, cola, I’m gone, but how beautiful that is! I am already doing great in heaven, with a new body, and I can literally be in heavenly spheres all day long. That’s great news!

Anyway, if you think you have a good message for the rest of humanity, go for it, no matter how exciting it is. And this is what came out of it:

(click) With the exciting title ‘When I croak, I will go to Our Lord and I will have a perfect body’ (Google Translate is not the best in Dutch slang, so it’s translated in just “die”, sigh, Google Translate.)

Enjoy reading! 🙂 And yes, the O and the L are capital letters.

Ah, and another song played at my last party? See below. Nobody knows it I guess, It’s so not so suitable for a general TV channel / news program, and you won’t draw large crowds with it either, so to speak. So, I spared them, lol, so I send them this song called “De Neus Umhoeg by Rowwen Hèze.”…. (translated: “we all end up with our nose pointing up” in English it would be something like “you only live once”, but since it’s Dutch, it’s stronger than that, way stronger)

Anyway, this one is even above that song, and yes, it’s a bit of a tearjerker I’m afraid, but… the lyrics… how beautiful they are.

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