Happy birthday to…..

Last week it was M’s birthday and… we were able to celebrate that, with your help… with the homeless!

No idea how many people were at your last birthday party, but at M “his” party, about 100 people came to have a bite to eat, get a cup of coffee, cookies and there was a food truck …mhhhh…. sort of …

The food truck was the soup bus that is there every week for the homeless, so we were able to sponsor it for the meals.

You get the idea. 100 people have been fed this way. And… we’re not there yet… we immediately paid for the next meal for the coming Sunday and brought them a mountain of blankets for the coming winter. All in all, 200 meals have now been paid, blankets arranged for about 40 homeless people, but…..we are not there yet….

… the “party” is still going on… there’s more in the virtual birthday jar, and so they can eat a few more Sundays…. thanks to your help. We have also invited a few people on an individual basis, to give them some extra attention and a good and healthy plate of food. Don’t you love it?!

Thanks for the great birthday present on behalf of all the people who have been there and will be coming in the coming weeks. Rarely had such a special “birthday”.

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