Making a collage

Today in therapy we use the magazines again to make collages.
Like any group, we start by standing still in the moment: how am I doing? What’s on my mind? How do I feel?
Every time I use a different way of expressing this. This time we are going to make a collage…

How are you doing? What’s your mood?

Make a collage with 4 elements:

  1. A background color that matches your mood
  2. A face
  3. Added Eyes
  4. Added Mouth

Our eyes and mouth say a lot about how we feel and it’s a way of looking at pictures in a magazine differently. You don’t have to use the whole picture, but you can also take a small aspect that suits you.

It produces a few hilarious moments and there is a lot of searching and combining until the right image is created.

What would your collage look like right now?

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