Being angry is the only way…?

We reflect on where our roots find support. Especially after fleeing from your home country, uprooted, how do you find new ground to stand on, and where do your roots get nourishment from?

It is autumn in the drawing. She has dropped things that are no longer important to her and are now no longer helping her. Those leaves are on the floor.

The roots are all on the surface. The ground below is very hard. They find no hold.

There is only one root that knows how to penetrate the ground, and that is her anger.
That anger gives her the strength to take steps, to look for work, to go out, to learn the language and yes, sometimes to get out of bed.
Anger is the only way, she says. Otherwise, I won’t get into that heartland.

Very thin roots run through the ground, but they don’t give a hold.
These do end up in the white under layer – do they get some nutrition they need there? I ask.
She doesn’t know the answer to that. She is not sure what those thin roots are.
Maybe that will come later.
Now the anger reigns and the focus is on it. It’s great that she can turn the energy of her anger into action, into taking the steps needed to build a new life here.

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