From love, everything is possible!

Through the assignment, she has filled a page with all the thoughts she has. From the most important ten words, she has extracted a message for herself:
From love, everything is possible!

She says that she really likes to photograph, preferably landscapes.
She would like to develop herself and find work, but she just had a baby, her first. For the past few weeks, she has struggled with whether she can take her daughter to a babysitter to fulfill herself or whether she should give up her dream for now to take care of her daughter…

A complicated choice…

Through this assignment, she finds out that it’s not black and white, that it’s not one or the other, but that she can do both. The love of her husband, the love for her husband and daughter are the most important things in her life. But having a family doesn’t mean she can’t develop herself anymore.

In the collage she has incorporated both sides as a reminder to herself that she does not necessarily have to choose between one or the other and that love is the driving force behind everything she wants to undertake.

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