A new page..

She never painted before, and now she has her hands in the paint. She enjoys it.
And she is telling us that she is having a very difficult day, in which she misses her family very much.
Her husband and mother are still in Ukraine. She came to Poland with her two daughters. First to Warsaw, then to Poznan.
Her eldest daughter, 19, has enrolled to study in both cities and has been accepted in Warsaw. She now lives in Warsaw. The mother and the youngest daughter still live together in Poznan.

Every day she is busy finding a school for her daughter and work for herself. She is an English teacher. Had a contact in Poznan who offered her a job. But when she knocked on the door of that person, he had disappeared and had not given her a reference. The director has shown her the door: there are enough teachers…

She never painted before, and now she has her hands in the paint.. At first, she didn’t want to use too much paint, she thought that would be a waste for the paint. But she soon discovers that it works much better with a little more paint. She gets into it and has fun.

Her poem says enough:

Sweet clouds
A new page
What do you dream of?

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