Nuts, pills and kniepertjes…. a nice way to end the year.

The past few days were dominated by pills as E and M were ill. E was still doing reasonably well (although she no longer ran the marathon), M had more problems because he only has 1 well-functioning lung and then an RS virus is not your friend. Anyway, the worst seems to be over, and we are preparing for tomorrow, the last day of 2022.

For that reason (ill), we have also adjusted the program for the coming days, it is as it is. What we are going to do (with help) is baking kniepertjes for the homeless.

A kniepertjes is a sweet, thin hard waffle that is traditionally baked and eaten around the turn of the year in Drenthe (knieperties, iezerkoekies), Groningen (kniepertjes, kneepkoukies), Twente, the Achterhoek (kniepertjes, kneeperkes) and Salland. (all part of the netherlands)

(photo baking kniepertjes 2021, lichtenberg Amersfoort)

Furthermore, we open the bag with sunflower seeds once again for some people who come to spend the night at our place (everyone who knows something about the culture in Central and Eastern Europe, sunflower seeds are a thing and tasty that they are!) and with that, we say goodbye to 2022.

2022, a year with new encounters, a new beginning, in which we were able to put our feet on new ground with God on our side, got to know many people, saw many tears, but also saw many people laugh in a special world.

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