Where is my spot?

Life cannot always be planned. We often think so, but when something happens that is beyond our control and absolutely beyond our control, it is only then that we realize how precious steadfastness and balance really are.
In a therapy group, we discussed things that can happen to us, like a bird dropping its poop. And so, stains were made with ecoline and watercolor paint.

But it doesn’t stop at a spot, at an event. We are in control of what we do in that situation.

And so the stain is used as the basis for a piece of work.

Then I have them write a poem to go with it:

Blooming lilac
Ray of light
Where is my place here?

And that’s how she realizes that she doesn’t have to run away from the situation – because where can she go?
She also realizes that the situation is not the end point.
And that’s why she can accept that right now her place is here, in this situation.
And here in this situation she can still enjoy a ray of light and a blooming lilac.
No one can take that away from her.

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