What do you need?

There are two kinds of feelings:

– feelings when everything is ok
– feelings when something is needed

Too abstract? Let’s look at two examples.

How about feeling happy? Everything is ok, no gnawing anything behind it – a feeling of no need.
And what about sadness, for example? When you are sad, you miss something or someone, you may need comfort, security, an arm around your shoulder… A feeling with a need behind it and that need can look different for everyone, even if the feeling is the same.

As we wrote before, we are busy making these cards. In this case, the need cards are ready! Trilingual again, so that they can be used widely.

Now we can not only dwell on feelings, but also on the needs that lie behind them. How nice to be able to choose cards that make it so much more concrete than ‘a gnawing feeling’!

Are you aware of needs you have? Do you ever think about that?

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