What are your values?

When you give therapy in your own country in your own language, there are plenty of resources to support you. Cards for inspiration, cards with feelings, values, needs, qualities, core quadrants and so on.

However, if you, as a Dutch person, give therapy in Poland in the Russian language, English and possibly in the future in Polish, you will not get very far with those tools. There is no other option: we make our own material!

Making a set does take some time…

Everything has to be translated into three languages – made ready for printing, and of course, I want to make them fun and give each set its own character! Then laminate everything and cut it out and trim sharp corners.

But then you really have something special! In this case, the set of values.

Because our values determine how we respond to others and how we make decisions… Have you ever stopped to think about that?

You can’t get around it, especially in another culture, but at home you often don’t think about it – ‘that’s normal, isn’t it’?
Well, it’s not….

Now we have the tools to consider in detail what is actually important to you and why 🙂

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