Once Upon a time….

Once upon a time, there was a team of language students (Matt 13:9) in Russia…. and now a few years later….. the war in Ukraine has entered a new phase today because more than 300,000 “reservists” have been called up in Russia…. So, where are they today? (let alone tomorrow…)

S: Italy
T: Trying to get to Montenegro….
O: Armenia
E: moved to Moscow status unknown
F: Poland
C: Italy
M: moved to Novosibirsk
Q: Prison somewhere in Russia, more on this later.

All men between (around) 16 and 40 are still trying to get away across the boarder, otherwise they’ll have to join the army. Men are picked up on the street and immediately put on transport to reinforce the army, one of the most used search terms there today was “how do I break a leg without too much pain” (then you are sick, and you have a few weeks delay), today all day long messages back and forth, people trying to get out of the country. However, those who have managed to get to Armenia are immediately activated into the army there because there too is a war and there is a shortage of people…

What a misery, fear and sadness…
So far for today…..

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