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We already had refugees from Ukraine… and now another target group is added… the refugees from Russia. It’s just a bit more complicated than it might seem. To give just one example from today….

There are relatively many refugees from Armenia in Russia. That war is (roughly) between Azerbaijan on the one hand and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsach) and Armenia on the other. It is not the first war between these parties, an enormously complicated issue and humanly impossible to resolve. In the west, you hear little or nothing about it because it is an “east” problem.

Over the years, these people have fled Armenia to Russia and now have Russian passports. They didn’t want to be involved in a war. As the conflict in Ukraine continues to spiral out of control, Russia has called up all reservists. And there we go:

It seems that, for example, now the Armenians who have fled, who are Russians on paper, are the first to be called up. You didn’t want to fight in Armenia? Then you will have to fight for us (Russia). With that tactic, it seems that they have caught (one of) the easiest group because you are now not affecting the average Russian, but “those Armenians”. This means that the unrest among the Russian population gets less out of hand (doesn’t affect us anyway), but with which the Russian Armenians (and there are still a number of minority groups) end up between two stools.

Make no mistake, there are entire tribes in Russia who do not want to join the army and certainly do not want to fight in Ukraine. Because many Russians see the Ukrainians as their neighbors and part of their people.

And then you have a problem… the EU has closed its borders to the Russians because they are the aggressor. The Russian who does not want to fight in Ukraine is now also dismissed as an aggressor in the EU… for that same Russian it’s VERY difficult to leave Russia, but if he can already get out, where to? Not to the EU because Russian = aggressor = you are no longer welcome. Not to mention the situation where once they have managed to get out of the country, they won’t be able to access their money…

And there is something gnawing.. that same Russian does not want to fight against Ukraine! Full stop. He is against violence! We should treat that Russian as a political refugee who (if he stays in his homeland) would otherwise be sacrificed as cannon fodder for something he doesn’t want to fight for. But we don’t. That Russian does not get political asylum, is not even allowed to enter the EU. He can actually only go to a VERY small number of countries… including…. Armenia… and as soon as he lands there… he is activated for another war…. in Armenia… a war he had fled from.

And this is just one example… meanwhile, Russians voluntarily break legs (and worse) to get out of the military service, all who can flee the country (but where to?), but refugee? Then they are not. They are the aggressor…..

The problems we face on our side are getting more complex by the day…

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