More paper… but this time, it went great!

Today another visit to a government office (there are several of them, depending on what you need / want, you go somewhere). Before we walk in, we always say a quick prayer: “Lord help us…”. You don’t have the idea that you walk into a place where it is cheerful, easy going and where people are always thinking along with your case…

This time we both had to get a kind of “excerpt from the population register” and also had to make two appointments because both at once is not possible…. So made two appointments, only to find out that they made a mistake and only one appointment was registered today. Sigh. And then you think: “here we go again”…..

But… we handed in both our papers at the one appointment and… everything was neatly picked up, stamped (if stamps come out of the drawer, the rescue is near) and within half an hour this hurdle was taken! Miracles exist. (and yes, you have to want to see them) The lady who helped us this time was a winner, handled everything very well, no problem at all! Wow.

All in all…. certainly not without stress, but this went great!Tomorrow the next step…

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