Less news = good news? Mhhhh…..

As you have seen there have been a few less blogs in the last couple of days…. And there is a reason for that. To give you an idea…. This is an example of one weekend:

  • Polish lesson. (with a German, South African and a Japanese)
  • Practice for Sunday. (Saxophone in the Russian Church)
  • Session with Expats, Poles and Ukrainian.
  • Sunday Saxophone in the Russian-speaking church with a harvest festival.
  • Surprise birthday with refugees to celebrate their birthday.
  • Driving, delivering and collecting relief goods.
  • Putting out fires at some clients where the plan caught fire.
  • Visiting fellow care providers who are not doing well.

Also, something to understand is that 25% of the activities are / were not planned. Fires start, fires must be extinguished. Not tomorrow, but right now! A lot of our work is preventative, but sometimes it’s reactive, and you have to jump in your fire truck and go!

And yes, you have noticed that right: we work on the weekends… and during the week we plan at least one day off. Close the door, turn off the phone, have some time for each other and other things. And during the week… the schedule isn’t much different from what you see happening at the top of this page.

And that’s just one weekend…. The stories behind it are many times way bigger. We can fill blogs with those stories behind all these actions, including the beautiful things that come out, how God provides and gives peace.. beautiful to see and do.

So yes… so we are a bit behind with the blogs. And that’s good news. Busy with things that really matter. Grateful to be able to do it. But the misery behind all those things… that’s’s not good news… Mixed feelings. Hence the “Mhhhh”….

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