How often do you celebrate Christmas?

Time flies and on this side we are busy preparing the festivities for December.

The December holidays are a great opportunity to celebrate with people you know… and don’t know yet… who is going to visit family, and who has no plans yet and is home alone?

For this year, we have planned to invite as many people as possible who cannot visit their families back home. Expats, refugees, you name it. Students who study here but can’t go home, refugees who no longer have a home, they are all welcome during the holidays.

Kerstkaart met geborduurde kersthanger

So, how often are we going to celebrate Christmas? Well, what about “half Christmas Day”, “Christmas Day”, “Boxing Day”, “Third Christmas Day”, “half New Year’s Eve”, “New Year’s Eve”, “New Year’s Day” and perhaps also “second New Year’s Day”. New guests every single day.

How are we going to do that? We invite as many people as possible, and we ask them to contact their family in country X. Ask your family what you should prepare for food that is typical for your country… and bring that food to our place for the holidays, and let’s celebrate it together!

That way they get in contact with their family, we can share the food with each other and enjoy each other’s cultures, and we have conversations about their culture and their family. “Home”, far away from home…

Happy Holidays!

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