How steady are you?

Certainty and uncertainty – how do you experience that? What does that look like for you? And how do they relate to each other?

She starts working quietly and cuts out all kinds of feet from magazines. In the discussion, she says:

“I immediately thought of feet. On the left is uncertainty, there the feet are off the ground and look for support in another place or float in the air, without something to hold on to. Some feet cannot even stand on their own, such as those in the wheelchair.

That’s what uncertainty does to me, I don’t have my feet on the ground, I don’t have anything to hold on to and I look for support in something else.”

“The right side is about certainty: all feet are firmly on the ground, exercising, moving.”

“And bottom right that’s me. I didn’t want faces, I drew my own face here. I love green, and those pants are really mine. I sit here wonderfully relaxed, feel completely calm and can stand up whenever I want. That’s how I feel when I feel confident.”

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