How are things going in Ukraine / Kyiv now?

Today we spoke with one of our friends from Ukraine who now lives in Poland… she had been back and forth to Ukraine for a family visit. (many people cannot leave the country, (because man = you are not allowed to leave), or you do not want / dare to leave. It’s your country, your home. So, one part of your family is abroadand the other part is still somewhere in Ukraine….. and not everyone knows where everyone has gone….

But how is it today (photos from last week) in Kyiv? How do people live there? To give you an idea….

5 pm, there is no electricity, no streetlights, all the houses are dark, people are living here…. it seems abandoned, but it is anything but abandoned… no electricity means no heating. The temperature today in the city is -1…. it’s freezing.

How dark is it an hour later? Below is a video… and no, the video is not broken… this is how dark it is when there is no power…

Air Raid alarm…. Everyone to the basements or the crawl space under your house….

Or off to the subway…. Waiting until its “safe” and trying to get into contact with family….

Cooking in a city without electricity, gas or whatever? How does that work? On your balcony…. With one pan, in the open air. Did we mention it was -1 degree centigrade today? (freezing cold)

Another way to cook… put candles in your oven and then put your pan on top of the candles….

On the way to Kiev…. And this is not the worst… the worst is if you had acquaintances or relatives living in such a flat, and you don’t know where they are… are they still inside? Are they still alive…? You look for them in the street, under the rubble, where are they?! That’s the worst part…

This was one of the bridges….

This is Kyiv in November 2022…. Lord help us… and meanwhile we speak to the refugees every day… heartbreaking stories… every single day….

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