Greeting card to yourself

Do you know that? The feeling you get when you open the mailbox and there is a postcard for you? The surprise, knowing that someone thought of you and took the time to write you a card!
Today in the therapy group we gave ourselves a postcard.

What do you need now? What should the card look like? And what kind of message do you write on the back? What do you need to hear right now?

First it’s quiet.
There is hard thinking going on.
All materials can be used – what do you choose? Are you going to make a collage, a drawing, are you going to use text or just images?

And as always, after a moment of reflection, the materials are sought and there is a lot of fiddling going on.
A conversation ensues:
“I’ve never made a card for myself! I often make cards with the children for grandma or other relatives, but never for myself…”
“Why not?”
“Actually, I always do something for someone else, but forget myself…”
Someone shows a picture of how she always prepares breakfast for herself. Breakfast is her time of day.
Experiences and ideas are exchanged.

A moment for yourself.
Do something for yourself.
And stop for a moment: what do I actually need to hear?

How about you?
What do you need to hear right now?

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