Giving something of yourself

Christmas is coming. A period that we spend with family and loved ones.

However, for many people around us that is not possible. The international students don’t have the money to go home before Christmas. The refugees are spread over different countries. The male half is often still in the Ukraine, other family and loved ones live in different cities and sometimes even different countries.

It’s a time when the city has all kinds of Christmas markets and Christmas activities, lights, the smell of cinnamon, anise, cloves and pines. And how that fun collides with the lack of loved ones and having a home! It is a period of increasing stress.

Emmy doesn’t stand still during this period! Because even if you have no home, no money and not even your loved ones around you, you can always give something!

We spent two days crafting and making Christmas ornaments!
A pot of tea on the table, all kinds of examples of what you could make and all kinds of different materials together: let the inspiration flow!

But above all: let’s make something beautiful together to help others who are (also) struggling!

These Christmas ornaments will be sold at a Christmas market to raise money and especially to generate awareness for sick children who cannot receive the treatment they need without financial support.

And so, they not only have two fun craft days with a good cause, but above all the focus is on something other than their own problems. Because there are other people who also struggle with problems. And even if you don’t have that much left, you still have something to give!

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