Celebrate your birthday together!

Celebrate your birthday with friends! That’s fun and special!
And we did that with a large Ukrainian family. They moved into their own rented house two weeks ago, very happy, but what a task and many questions whether they can bear it financially …

They have been living in their new home for two weeks, but have not been to town before. Even worse, going out together as a family, they haven’t done it before, no time, no possibility…

And here they come, the baby in the car, some on foot, so much fun!
We order pizzas and Pepsi. Mother and grandma share all their story’s, the boys have fun with Martin and Google Translate 🙂 #lol

And all the leftover pizza? Doggy bag! That’s going home. Pizza for breakfast tomorrow instead of oatmeal. Yeah!

Whether we go to their house for a cup of tea? – of course!
Two boys with Martin on the van and me walking with mothers and the little children – their happiness was endless. Two hands were not enough.

Thank you for your gift! It was a wonderful night out, not only for us! An evening when life was normal, just for one moment…

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