From abstract to concrete

Making the subconscious visible. That’s what we often do in the open therapy groups. Likewise, today.

After a theoretical start on the color wheel, we start by choosing three colors that will fill the entire sheet, without being allowed to represent anything.

Then, with a small brush, details are added that make the image concrete. Because what do you see in it? What does it do to you?

And that’s how subconscious things come up and become visible. And it doesn’t stop there. Because we also link words to it: a title and a poem that you can write with it.

In this case, a garden with a fountain was created. This brought her back to the night we did action painting in the park by the fountain. There she had felt completely free for the first time. And that feeling has stayed with her and has unleashed something in her.

A special memory that has now been made concrete again to remember and to continue to remember.
Even when life is complicated. In addition to the pressure she feels, she has also felt free.
Slowly there is a little more balance…

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