Terrible dilemmas… every day…

Who are we going to help today? There is a budget (which is always too small), there are only 24 hours in a day… what are we going to do today? Make your choice, what would you do?

  • Are we helping one homeless person to get off the street?
  • Do we help the diabetic girl who has no money for medication?
  • Are we helping 40 homeless people with a meal?
  • Are we helping 14 people with an individual therapy session? Really in depth therapy it is.
  • Or are we going to run 8 group sessions with refugees?
  • Or are we going to think about ourselves today and take some rest?

We have to make that choice every day… every day again and again… and that is not always easy. If you have time for a little prayer… please. We could use some wisdom…

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